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  • Supporters

    Supporters [25-50 pièces par conditionnement]


    Please use the supporters for supporting conductors inside of low-voltage equipment. [Features] · The time and effort that is required for manually processing conventional insulators can be eliminated. · Two types are available: with nuts on both sides (S/T/D types), and with nuts and bolts (SB/TB/DB types). These are available in a wide variety of different heights and diameters. Therefore, these supporters can be used to match the application. · Excellent insulation properties (creepage voltage: 2.5 kV or higher), lightweight, and will not crack. · A small type, H: 35 mm, ⌀: 20 mm (resin part), conventional polypropylene supporter. · A small size stopper that does not interfere with adjacent screws, etc. This stopper is suitable for intermediate support between bus bars.

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  • KP Cleat (PBT)

    KP Cleat (PBT)


    Supports low-pressure bus bars at a 70 mm pitch in three-phase batches. [Features] - Made from PBT that incorporates glass fibers with excellent electrical properties and mechanical reinforcement, it is light and sturdy. - Compact design with a 70 mm bus pitch to effectively create space inside the board. - Corresponds to a bus bar thickness of 4 mm to 8 mm. ▪ The product complies with RoHS.

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  • Adjustable Fixed Bar

    Adjustable Fixed Bar


    [Features] - Installation is simple with single-sided mounting. - Used for mounting of a box to a lightweight partition wall. - There is no need to purchase accessories for different lightweight stud sizes or types; this one product has all you need to mount a box. - Single-sided mounting is convenient for cases in which a box is mounted to a location with narrow stud spacing (can be used even when cut). - Temporary fastening is possible thanks to the included double-sided tape, and mounting to lightweight studs is simple. - The manufacturer's slide box includes holes for mounting, so it can be easily mounted to the center (vertical) position of an adjustable fixed bar (certain exclusions apply). - For the KGP-230 (total length of 230 mm), the box can be mounted to any arbitrary location provided the studs are installed at an interval of 450 mm. - Additionally, if mounting is done after performing alignment with the stud end, the slide box (thickness of 36 mm) can be perfectly mounted.

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  • SS Bushing

    SS Bushing [100 pièces par conditionnement]


    Can be used as an induction bushing for door opening and closing shaft [Features] - The taper of the "busing" smoothly guides the shaft into the locking aperture when locking the door. - Protects against noise caused by vibration. - Peeling of the coating around the lock aperture caused by opening and closing of the lock shaft is eliminated, preventing rust formation. - Mounting of the SS bushing can be performed in a single operation just by pushing it in.

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  • Switch Crossover Bar

    Switch Crossover Bar [100 pièces par conditionnement]


    Can be used for switch crossover wiring [Features] · Streamlining of wiring through use on transition wiring for common lines of switches. · The exposed part is insulation coated, and is therefore safe. - The insertion conformation is forked (Y shaped). · Installation and removal are easy. - Final wiring result is particularly clean for operation panels, etc. with a large number of different switch types.

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  • Accessories for Drain Evaporator for Cooling Equipment (Installation Brackets)

    Accessories for Drain Evaporator for Cooling Equipment (Installation Brackets)


    Accessories for drain evaporator (installation brackets)

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