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  • Fall Prevention Belt

    Fall Prevention Belt


    [Features] · Fall prevention belt to prevent TVs, large LCDs, printers or other devices from falling during an earthquake

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    Délai de livraison minimum
    3 jours

    *Prix unitaire/configuration de base

  • Magic Card®, TG-MG Series

    Magic Card®, TG-MG Series


    [Features] · Ideal for preventing small and lightweight appliances that are susceptible to tipping over and falling due to "earthquakes" from falling over.

    à partir de
    Délai de livraison minimum
    62 jours

    *Prix unitaire/configuration de base

  • Transparent Quake-Resistant G-BLOX Gel

    Transparent Quake-Resistant G-BLOX Gel


    Transparent quake-resistance rubber that has achieved a high degree of thinness by eliminating unnecessary thickness; thickness of 3 mm with simple package [Features] · By reducing the conventional thickness of 5 mm to 3 mm, the center of gravity of the device can be kept low even if the device is tall, successfully making it more stable. · Uses ether-based polyurethane which is excellent in heat resistance and durability, so that it is less susceptible to deterioration due to longtime use. · Uses no plasticizer, thereby preventing liquid leakage, the formation of water solutions, etc. due to aging.

    • Remise sur volume
    à partir de
    Délai de livraison minimum
    6 jours

    *Prix unitaire/configuration de base

  • Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive Rubber, 100 Pcs

    Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive Rubber, 100 Pcs


    Simple package containing 100 pcs. of quake-resistant rubber made of a colorless, transparent styrene-type elastomer, enabling the user to implement clean earthquake countermeasures. [Features] · Can be secured firmly without staining joints. Adhesion is restored by rinsing with water. · With its excellent low elasticity and adhesion, this product accommodates all sorts of shaking: up and down, right and left, and back and forth. · Can be installed simply by placing it beneath the bottom of an object; no other work is required. · By removing the product gently, you can restore it to its original state. If it is stained, you can rinse it with water for reuse. · Colorless, transparent quake-resistant rubber; unobtrusive when installed (QL-51CL to QL-53CL, 74CL to 76CL, E74CL-25 to E76CL-25). · Uses a human and environmentally friendly styrene-type elastomer material (QL-74CL to QL-76CL, E74CL-25 to E76CL-25).

    à partir de
    Délai de livraison minimum
    6 jours

    *Prix unitaire/configuration de base



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