Grade A supplier and customer-oriented - The reliable supply of components enables the efficient production of special-purpose machinery

A special - purpose machin ery manufacturer such as HAHN Automation relies upon the best possible supply of standard parts, purchased parts, and parts according to drawings. The company's machines and systems may be one of a kind, but large quantities of commercially available compo nents are used for production. If the supply of these does not run smoothly, this will have an effect on all of the processes. As a partner for many years, MISUMI Europa has once again received the best supplier rating in terms of speed, service, and relia bility. 

Die im Hunsrück ansässige HAHN Automation GmbH entwickelt und fertigt Montage- & Prüfanlagen für Gummi-, Kunststoff- und Metallprodukte. Zusätzlich ist HAHN auch Entwickler und Serienhersteller von Linear-Robotern sowie Temperier- und Kühlgeräten für die Kunststoff- und Gummiindustrie. Was nach eigenen Angaben als kleine Ideen- und Versuchswerkstatt im Jahre 1992 begann, ist heute ein global tätiges Unternehmen: Aktuell produziert das Unternehmen an zwei Produktionsstandorten in Deutschland (Rheinböllen und Reinheim) sowie in Werken in der Türkei, Tschechien und den USA. Zusätzlich bestehen eigene Vertriebs- und Serviceniederlassungen in der Türkei, Schweiz, Costa Rica, Tschechien, Singapur und China.


HAHN Automation GmbH, headquartered in Hunsrück, designs and manufactures assembly & testing systems for rubber, plastic, and metal products. HAHN is also a designer and series manufacturer of linear robots as well as temperature control and cooling units for the plastics and rubber industry. What began in 1992 as a self - described small idea workshop and pilot plant is now a global enterprise: The company currently runs production at two production sites in Germany (Rheinböllen and Reinheim) as well as in t he plants in Turkey, the Czech Republic, and the USA. There are also a few sales and service offices in Turkey, Switzerland, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Singapore, and China.

A universal concept for many applications

The special - purpose machinery manufa cturer is pr i mar i ly specialized in innovative and efficient solutions for the a u- tomation of production processes – always according to customer specifications and in small series. In order to be able to produce the machinery efficiently, HAHN has stan d- ardi zed its machinery concepts to the greatest extent poss i- ble. Nevertheless, they can easily be adapted to the r e- spective tasks and customer - specific requirements. 

The best example is the intelligent and efficient MasterCell cell concept with an especially wide range of uses. Even the most challenging processes can be achieved thanks to the most advanced robot systems as well as cutting - edge a s- sembly and testing technologies. Both automated indiv i d ual workstations as well as combined versions are possible a s technologically sophisticated automation sy s tems. The modular design enables fast and efficient expa n sion as needed in case of rising production quantities. The cells can also be easily moved from machine to machine if there are changes to production.


Sma ll parts of great importance

<p"We offer solutions to very individual problems. These could be things such as the automated manufacturing of engine mountings for a customer from the automotive i n du s try or the produc - tion of door hinges with a built - in damping sy s- tem for a kitchen manufacturer," explains Ma r co Klee, Pu r- chasing Manager at HAHN. Depending on the requir e- ments, the experts work in close collaboration with the cu s- tomer to design a corresponding machinery concept and to implement it – including the c ommissioning at the custo m- er's location as well as the training of the employees wor k- ing on the machine.

Cutting - edge technologies from the robotics industry are used in the MasterCells from HAHN for challenging asse m- bly and testing processes, i.e. compar ably cost - intensive machinery components. Normally only one robot system is required per cell but there is also a variety of smaller co m- ponents that often need to be adapted to the design for the specific application. The company's own production cannot fu lly cover this high demand, particularly if it has to be done quickly. Since there are high quality standards for these.components, however, HAHN has been working together with MISUMI Europa for many years and is very satisfied with the performance of its supplier. "Just as our special - purpose machinery must satisfy the highest demands, our suppliers must also fulfill the highest sta n d ards," says Klee. The company therefore conducts regular performance eva l- uations regarding deadline fulfillment and quality of delivery. MISUMI was able to score 99.03 points out of 100 in the last evaluation in January 2013 and thereby qualified once again as a Grade A supplier with these opt i mal results.


Fast and flexible for the best results

„The portfolio of MISUMI is comprise d of over a mi l lion items and covers nearly every conceivable need in the field of mechanical construction. The special feature it offers is the configurability of its components: They can be confi g ured in 0.01 - millimeter increments with free selection of materials, surface treatments, and processing options. HAHN can thereby precisely adapt standard components correspon d- ing to the respective purpose of use. "The configurable components relieve the burden on our own production c a- pacities because preci - sion work can be bought easily and quickly," explains Klee. The prices and delivery times for each selected part is immediately displayed in the online catalog and the component drawings can be directly dow n- loaded for free as 3D CAD files. The delivery times fr om MISUMI are also normally shorter than it would take to self - produce the same parts: 18,000 items are directly available and over 100,000 Make - To - Order (MTO) components can be shipped from the logis - tics center within just four days. 

HAHN has come to make wide of MISUMI's product range. The framework conditions also fit well: Components are often required in the smallest quantities, particularly in the field of spe - cial - purpose machinery manufacturing, but minimum order quantities or minimum order values or additional small - order fees are often involved. These "secondary expenses" make the items more expensive and make cost - efficient designs more difficult. The procurement terms at MISUMI have therefore been adapted to the needs of the customers: It is p ossible to have quantities of just one item, even with a Make - To - Order design, delivered without a minimum order requirement or additional small - order fee; there are no shipping costs for deliveries within Germany either.

HAHN Automation is completely sa tisfied with the service from MISUMI: Ever since the com - pany introduced the supplier evaluation in 2007, MISUMI has always been awarded the highest score. "Short delivery times and parti c- ularly deadline fulfillment are essential for our man u facturing proc esses. These criteria make up 60 percent of our suppl i- er evaluation," says Klee. "The quality of the co m ponents is also decisive for us. MISUMI is absolutely impressive in both areas and this can be seen in its rating as a Grade A supplier for many years. “




Information importante: Les produits provenant de fournisseurs tiers (non MISUMI) avec un délai de livraison de 4 jours ou moins peuvent être annulés dans les 2 heures suivant la commande. Veuillez vous référer à nos conditions d’annulation et nos CGV pour plus de détails.