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Removal Tools For Universal / MATE-N-LOK Connectors

Removal Tools For Universal / MATE-N-LOK Connectors

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  • 1804030-1
  • Removal Tools For Universal / MATE-N-LOK Connectors

Extraction tool that minimizes the load when extracting contact

● Used when pulling out the already mounted contact of the universal MATE-N-LOK connector again from the housing. Regardless of contact size, or whether it is male or female, this one tool can pull them all out.
● Weight: 60 g
● Manufacturer: Tyco Electronics

· Once extracted, the contact cannot be used again.
· Other series connectors cannot be used.

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● Universal MATE-N-LOK connector is a compact nylon connector that is compliant with UL and CSA standards at 600 V, and the VDE standard at 380 V.
● Because there is directionality for both the socket and the plug, correct coupling to the connector body can be always performed.
● Because the housing can be mounted regardless of the contact gender, incorrect insertion of male and female contacts is prevented. (Note 1)
● Because the housing uses UL94V-0 compliant nylon material with excellent durability and safety, it is considered to be a suitable connector even for use in FA equipment.
● PRO-CRIMPER can be also used for crimping various nylon connectors by simply exchanging the die.
It is also economically superior since there is no need to buy an expensive dedicated tool.
● UL No.E28476
(Note 1) If using in compliance with the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, mount the female (socket) contact in the socket housing.

Compatible Wire Size

AWG Conductor Cross-Sectional Area (mm2)
Size 24 ~ 14 0.2 ~ 2.0


Item Characteristics
Rated Current 10 A (used with AWG14) or less
Rated Voltage (UL, CSA certified) 600 VAC or less
Rated Voltage (VDE) 380 VAC or lower
Rated Voltage (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law Compliant) 300 VAC
Withstand Voltage 1,500 VAC / 1 minute
Insulation Resistance 1,000 Ω or less
Contact Resistance 3.5 mΩ or less
Operating Temperature Range -25°C ~ +85°C (Note)
Applicable Panel Thickness 0.76 ~ 2.29 mm
Durability (repeated insertion and removal) 50 times or more

Allowable Current and Contact Resistance

Electric Wire Size (AWG) Allowable Current (A) Contact Resistance (MΩ or less)
24 1.5 3.50
22 3 3.50
20 4.5 3.00
18 6 3.00
16 8 2.75
14 10 2.75

Material / Finish

Item Materials Finish
Housing Nylon UL94V-0 (White)
Contact Brass Tin-plated

Relationship of Maximum Operating Temperature and Current (For Relay)

Comparison of universal MATE-N-LOK contacts of the AWG20 (0.50 ~ 0.56 mm2) wires and AWG14 (2.00 ~ 2.27 mm2) wires, which are used in 4 core housing.

Commercial MATE-N-LOK Performance Curve (for Relay)

Comparison of universal MATE-N-LOK contacts of the AWG20 (0.50 ~ 0.56 mm2) wires and AWG14 (2.00 ~ 2.27 mm2) wires, which are used in 12 core housing.

Connectors and Wire Selection Guidance

● The thicker the wire, the less the current is reduced due to internal resistance, allowing higher current to be supported. Moreover, because the resistance is decreased by using a thick wire, it's possible to reduce the generation of heat. In addition, the wire also has a role in expelling heat from inside the connector.
● Connectors generally have a great number of circuits (number of cores), so the carried current becomes reduced. Also, the higher the ambient temperature, the more the carried current will be reduced. (See graph)

About Coupling

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Applicable Type Universal Mate-N-Lok Extraction Tool Product Classification Extraction Tool

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