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Coude à 90°, modèle Mini avec accouplements à simple pression

Coude à 90°, modèle Mini avec accouplements à simple pression

A compact, single-touch fitting. Does not require sealing tape.

· No tools required for mounting and removing the tube.
· The new lock ring enables easier and more secure piping work.
· The threaded part has been sealed with a Teflon resin coating. This helps reduce costs by eliminating the need for sealing tape and by reducing the number of processes.
· The product uses flame-retardant PBT resin (polybutylene terephthalate) for the plastic sections. Helps prevent the spread of fire with the fittings, even in environment that are exposed to sputtering welding sparks.
The brass metal parts have been plated with nickel, helping improve the appearance and corrosion-resistance properties of the product.
Reduces the tube's manipulation force and uses a new form of ring packing which helps maintain its high air tight seal.
· The width across flats dimensions of the hexagonal type are smaller than the standard F type. The mounting pitch can be made smaller when mounting in parallel.
▪ Hence, mounting in narrow spaces is easy.

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D.E. 1 de tuyau applicable
Filetage nominal 1

4.70 €

11 jours -5~604R1/8

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4.77 €

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5.20 €

11 jours -5~606M5×0.8


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Informations de base

Type Accouplement à simple effet Type à raccord Sens de montage par vis Fluide applicable Eau / Air
Matériau du corps Laiton Application Mini standard Matériau du filetage Standard (laiton)
Matériau du joint Standard (NBR) Montage par vis, sens Coude Coudes Coude à 90°

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