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Joint mécanique pour tuyauterie en acier inoxydable

Joint mécanique pour tuyauterie en acier inoxydable

Mechanical type tube fitting developed for stainless steel pipes. Highly reliable fitting with superb corrosion resistance and heat resistance, which leverages the special characteristics of lightweight and strong stainless steel piping.

· Zlok® is a mechanical pipe fitting that has been developed for stainless steel piping.
· Highly reliable fitting benefits from the lightweight and strong characteristics of stainless steel pipes, and has superior corrosion and heat resistance properties.
· Packing features stable long-term sealing properties due to a structure which includes appropriate pressure applied to the surface.
· A fluorine rubber material with superior durability, heat resistance, and resistance against aqueous chlorine that satisfies leaching standards when it is used as a water supply device is used in the packing.
· Because the connector between the pipe and the fitting has a tapered surface and is tightened using a nut, a strong connecting force is achieved via the so-called wedge effect.
· Packing does not have to be removed from the fitting while laying pipe.
· Furthermore, because piping cannot be performed unless pipe ends are expanded, pipes do not fall out.
· Loose pipes can be found easily using a unique indicator that distinguishes between hand tightened and fully tightened pipes.
· When final tightening is neglected, water will leak from fittings during water pressure tests, thus allowing loose pipes to be detected.
· Expanded pipes can be corrected easily using an automated device after pipe setting.
· Pipes can easily be held and secured as the connector between the pipe and the fitting is not prone to wobbling.

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Informations de base

Type Raccord Matériau du corps principal Acier inoxydable (EN 1.4301 équiv.) Fluide applicable Eau
Type de connexion Autre Matériau de tuyau applicable Acier inoxydable Pression de service max.(MPa) 1
Traitement de surface NA

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