Système supérieur SUS (raccord), coude

Système supérieur SUS (raccord), coude
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For stainless steel pipes

• For use in combination with a Koma-SUS fitting, enables flexible configurations of small- to medium-diameter stainless steel piping (13-150 SU).
• Koma-SUS fittings are expanded type pipe fittings for stainless steel pipes that enable reliable pipe installations without requiring special tools or complicated techniques.
• Well-received by customers and already in use in many installations.
• Durable fitting due to pipe expansion: A structure where the nut attaches to the expansion portion of the pipe. If a nut was not tightened correctly, there is no need to worry about the nut coming off if it is engaged with the thread on the main body.
• Easy pipe expansion: Enables easier pipe expansion than with a custom pipe expander machine.
• To quickly provide secure bonds: Connections after pipe expansion can be done easily with a pipe wrench. Allowing for gasket space, prevents dislodging of gaskets which prevents unmounted components during installation.
• Visually check for forgotten tightening by the red and blue FP collars: During the hand tightening phase, you can visually inspect the red FP collar. When tightening to the correct torque, the red FP collar will be hidden and no longer visible below the blue FP collar, allowing to confirm at a glance that tightening is complete.

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