Système supérieur SUS (raccords), coude à 45°

Système supérieur SUS (raccords), coude à 45°
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For stainless steel pipes

▪Using in combination with a Koma-SUS fitting enables flexible arrangements of small- to medium-diameter stainless steel piping (13-150 SU). · Strong fitting by pipe expansion.
· Fitting structure enables tube expanded portion to hook on a nut.
· Even if nut is not tightened, there is no need to worry about the nut coming off if it is engaged with the screw on the main body.
· Easy pipe expansion.
▪ With the dedicated pipe expander, pipe expansion work can be performed easily.
· Secure connections are formed quickly.
· Post pipe expansion fitting can be easily performed with a pipe wrench.
▪ By providing installation of packing room, packing falls are prevented, avoiding mounting failures of parts during construction.
▪ Tightening omission can be confirmed at a glance with FP colors of red and blue.
▪ At the hand tightening stage, you can visually inspect for the red FP color.
· When tightened at an appropriate torque, the red FP color is hidden under the blue FP color and can no longer be seen. In this manner, tightening completion can be checked at a glance.

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Type Raccords Tuyau applicable Tuyau en acier inoxydable Fluides utilisables Eau
Pression de service minimum(MPa) 2 Matériau du joint statique Résistant à la chaleur et résistant au chlore EPDM Matériau du corps principal EN 1.4408 équiv.

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