Écrou d'assemblage Chemifit série CSA【1-5 pièces par conditionnement】

Écrou d'assemblage Chemifit série CSA

The insert is integrated with the fitting unit, and sleeves are built into the assembly nuts, enabling the reuse of both components. Moreover, excellent durability is achieved by adopting the manufacturer's unique sealed structure.

· A screw-in type fitting made of SUS316.
▪ Consists of two parts: assembly nut and a fitting unit that use the manufacturer's own unique structure.
· Greatly improves usability in terms of mounting and removing tubes.
▪ The fitting unit and insert are integrated. Sleeves are built in to the assembly nuts.
▪ The fitting unit and assembly nut both can both be reused.
· Uniform tube attachment.
Tubes are connected when the assembly nut reaches the fitting unit. No need for torque control or special tools.
▪ The sleeves inside the assembly nuts can rotate and as such the tube does not.
· A completely oil-free product.
▪ Assembled after cleaning each part in a clean room.
▪ The manufacturer's original sealing structure offers high durability against any degradation to sealing performance in cold and hot cycles.
▪ The structure succumbs to little in the way of stress relaxation, ensuring a high sealing performance over long periods of time and ensuring that the nut does not need to be re-tightened during maintenance.
▪ The surface coarseness is Ra3.2 or less. The 90° corner of the elbow has been made smooth and rounded, reducing the amount of liquid and detergent that remains.
▪ Prevents the fitting unit and assembly nut from seizing when a tube is inserted.

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71.91 €

5 pièces par conditionnement

Devis 12.7Taille en pouces1/2

48.20 €

5 pièces par conditionnement

7 jours 6.35Taille en pouces1/4

54.32 €

5 pièces par conditionnement

Devis 9.53Taille en pouces3/8

45.46 €

5 pièces par conditionnement

35 jours 4Taille en millimètres-

48.20 €

5 pièces par conditionnement

27 jours 6Taille en millimètres-

53.19 €

5 pièces par conditionnement

7 jours 8Taille en millimètres-

59.56 €

5 pièces par conditionnement

Devis 10Taille en millimètres-

66.40 €

5 pièces par conditionnement

Devis 12Taille en millimètres-


89 jours 19Taille en millimètres-


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Type de connexion Composants associés Composants associés, forme, type Écrou de montage Matériau Acier inoxydable (EN 1.4401 équiv.)
Traitement de surface NA

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