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Stainless Steel-Locking pins with axial lock (Ball retainer)

Stainless Steel-Locking pins with axial lock (Ball retainer)

GN 124.2 Stainless Steel-Locking pins are used for quick fixing, connecting and locking of various jig and fixture systems.
The locking balls are held in position by a pressure spring and are therefore not rigidly locked. The bolts can be quickly and easily inserted and removed from the locating hole.
The rated shear stresses of the bolt cross-section are theoretical guide values only and do not constitute any warranty. They constitute no general warranty of quality and condition. The user must determine from case to case whether a product is suitable for the intended use.
This standard replaces the previous Stainless Steel-Locking pins GN 124.

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Référence piècePrix unitaire standardRemise sur volumeNombre de jours d'expédition?Bolt diameter d1 Length l1

15.14 €

3 jours 610

15.14 €

3 jours 615

15.14 €

3 jours 620

15.14 €

3 jours 625

15.45 €

3 jours 630

15.73 €

3 jours 650

16.94 €

3 jours 815

16.94 €

3 jours 820

16.94 €

3 jours 825

17.54 €

3 jours 830

18.04 €

3 jours 850


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