Plaque Sealock étanche à la poussière et imperméable, double

Plaque Sealock étanche à la poussière et imperméable, double
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This waterproof plate with an openable cover can be mounted with an installed outlet (dual type). Depending on the mounting method, prevents dust and allows jet flow when the cover is completely closed.

· When mounted using the mounting holes for an embedded outlet, it can function as a plate with cover.
· Functions as a dust-resistant jet-shaped plate when the cover is completely closed by being mounted in 4 locations using mounting holes for dust-resistant and jet types (screws sold separately).
· The openable cover is equipped with a hook for locking so locking can easily be performed.
· Also stops at the cover full open position (180°) when used.
• The main body plate and cover utilize a high-quality nylon resin.
• The product also maintains dust resistance and waterproof performance by using heat-resistant, soft resin/sealing for the bottom of the plate, as well as high-quality silicon rubber sealing for the interior of the cover.
• The main body plate and cover surface are available in two types: Silver, which has a beautiful and luxurious metallic silver paint finish, and the affordable standard specification, White.


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