Soudure sans plomb Sn99% / Ag0.3% / Cu0.7%

Soudure sans plomb Sn99% / Ag0.3% / Cu0.7%

A cost-effective lead free solder. ■ Composition: Sn 99% / Ag 0.3% / Cu 0.7%

· A cost-effective lead free solder.
· Uses flux with excellent wettability, keeping any drops in workability to a minimum.
· Even when switching from Sn-3Ag-0.5Cu solder to another type, no major changes need to be made in regards working methods or the equipment used.
· Tin-lead solder has been used for a long time and boasts a lot of plus-points in terms of its wettability, melting point, mechanical strength, and copper leaching, etc. However, lead also has a number of unwanted effects on the environment, and as such has led to a number of lead free solder alloys being made.
· As the melting point of lead free solder is high and the solder alloys themselves have a large specific heat capacity, this tends to result in reduced workability.

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