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Modèle d'alarme de lecture MP3 de type fin BSV

Modèle d'alarme de lecture MP3 de type fin BSV

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  • Modèle d'alarme de lecture MP3 de type fin BSV
  • Modèle d'alarme de lecture MP3 de type fin BSV
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The maximum playing time is 520 seconds. It is the industry's thinnest type (as of July 2015, Patlite research) of 19.9 mm. Space-saving design MP3 playback alert that supports device miniaturization.

· The maximum recycling time is 520 seconds.
· A thin compact design of just 19.9 mm.
· Panel mounting and wall mounting dual-use type.
· While thin, it provides the maximum volume of 87 dB (at 1 m).
· Noise can be reduced by signal input. (There are restrictions on the number of playback messages when using the damping function)
· Supports transistor open collector (supported transistor: NPN).
· UL Recognized Component (File No.S24210)
· It is compliant with IP54 (forward-facing installation only, with panel installed).
· Messages are free of charge when selected from among over 3,000 types of standard messages. (Any other special messages will require an additional fee)
· Messages can be changed while installed on site, using an SD card.
* Audio data registered in the product will be deleted when saving a new message.
Also, data writing to the exterior is not possible.
[Color Variation]
· The only available body color (front surface) is off-white. Model number: BSV-24NL-W/BSV-24NLM-W


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Informations de base

Shape Forme carrée Volume(dB) 87 Protection function (IP/drip-proof, etc.) IP54
Rated Voltage(V) VCC 12–24 Representative Standard CE / UL Dimension length(mm) 75
Dimension width(mm) 75 Dimension thickness(mm) 19.9 Couleur avant du corps Blanc cassé

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