Brucelles à pointes recourbées

Brucelles à pointes recourbées
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Tweezers with bent tips that provide good proximal visibility and sear convenient for detailed work.
· It uses a tough material that's given heat treatment, providing a thick finish and suppressing bending.
· Powerful series, with thin connecting portion and thick central portion, so there is no bending of the tip.
· Provides a firm hold and light usability, preventing fatigue to the fingers even in continuous work.
· The tip width is 0.6 mm and knob weight is 200 g.
· A high precision tip without distortion, selectable shape and material to suit the application.
· Ideal also for placing tiny springs, etc. in places which cannot be reached by hand.


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Informations de base

Tip Type Curved tip Main Body Material Stainless Steel Overall Length(mm) 130
Non-magnetism function Y/N NA Single Product Set Product Single Item Main Body Parts Main Body
Width(mm) 10

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