Cisaille grignoteuse K-88

Cisaille grignoteuse K-88
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Especially convenient cutting tool for hollowing out rectangular windows and round holes in aluminum cases, etc.
· The tip of the blade is equipped with a spring for pushing back materials, making it easy to move onto the next cutting simply by opening the handle.
· Convenient for continuous work despite being a manual tool.
· A nibbling tool that is easy to use even at night or home as it hardly produces any sound during processing.
· Allows easy cleanup since fine cuts do not scatter around as with metal saw or disc grinder.
· The handle shape is designed to make application of force easy, to be anti-slip, and to avoid catching fingers when closed.
· Cutting out metal plates. Used for cutting, it enables one-handed cutting out of metal plates.
· It is convenient for indoor use as it does not scatter cutting chips.


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Référence piècePrix unitaire standardRemise sur volumeNombre de jours d'expédition?Overall Length
Details Type Mass Compatible Model Cutting Capacity: Copper/Pure Aluminum
Cutting Capacity: Steel Sheet

31.97 €

Disponible 4 jours 173Band Nibbler Main Body190-Thickness 0.5-2.0 (*Limited to non-heat treated materials)Plate Thickness 0.3–0.6

16.83 €

Disponible 4 jours -Replacement Blade for K-88 (Hozan)-K-88 (Hozan)--


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