Whiteboard Wall Surface Legs (Leg Only)

Whiteboard Wall Surface Legs (Leg Only)

· Can easily turn wall-mounted boards, monthly schedule boards and the like into free-standing boards.
· Legs for wall surfaces that do not require drilling of the wall.
· Ideal for wall surfaces where wall-mounting boards cannot be installed.
· For wall surfaces in narrow offices where boards with legs cannot be installed
· For places where the walls are weak

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Référence piècePrix unitaire standardRemise sur volumeNombre de jours d'expédition?Size
Trusco Code Specifications Leg material Compatible Board (wall attachment) Compatible Board (month / action plans / process management) Compatible Board Size
Amount Of Content

216.00 €

9 jours 1250×283×1335352-5210Assembly type, L shaped leg (gray painted)SteelGH-112/GH-112A/GH-111GL-212、GL-612、OL-25B900×120085001 unit

230.67 €

9 jours 1850×283×1335352-5201Assembly type, L shaped leg (gray painted)SteelGH-102/GH-102A/GH-101GL-202、GL-602、OL-25900×1800110001 unit


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Product Type Option for whiteboard Total Height When Board Is Mounted(mm) 1715 Amount Of Content 1 unit

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