Conteneur vert

Conteneur vert

Stackable box type container that's available in a large selection of sizes.
· Original industrial container series with proven wide range of achievements.
· Available in a wide range of sizes (DA series ranges in capacity from 2.3 L to 45 L).
· Can be stacked to save space, depending on the unit.
· Can also be stacked with the lid on.
· Material: polypropylene (30% or more recycled PP).
· Can be used in various fields for industrial parts storage and stock storage.
* This product only includes the main body; the lid is sold separately.

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Référence pièce
Référence piècePrix unitaire standardRemise sur volumeNombre de jours d'expédition?External Shape Width
External Shape Depth
External Height
Effective inside dimension: frontage
Effective inside dimension: depth
Effective inside dimension: height
Trusco Code Mass
Amount Of Content

7.79 €

5 jours 326204100427815790506-97853701 pc.

11.74 €

5 jours 3662801369307233121506-97937401 pc.

24.16 €

7 jours 446343217.524396302202506-986614001 pc.

26.58 €

7 jours 48036022327409310203506-987416001 pc.


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Informations de base

Color Green Product Type Box type container Material (Main Body) Polypropylene (30% or more recycled PP)
Amount Of Content 1 pc.

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