Wire with Flux (for Mild Steel / 490 - 550 MPa Class High Tension Rope) FC-1

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Disponible 6 jours Rutile type flux-cored wire that exhibits excellent workability in welding of all postures. The arc is stable in particular, the amount of spatter/fume generated is low, the slag releasability is high and the appearance and shape of the beads are excellent. Moreover, as the welding speed is high and welding of all postures in high current is possible (e.g. 260 A with wire diameter of 1.2 mm), it is capable of high-efficiency welding.Butt-jointing and fillet welding of different types of welding structures made of mild steel and 490 MPa grade high-strength low-alloy steel used in machinery, construction, engine construction, steel frame, ship building, bridges, pylons, vehicles, and can manufacturing.Suitable for a shield gas flow rate of approx. 20-25 l/min. Keep the distance between the tube base to a range of 20-30 mm.0.040.531.450.0160.008Z 3313 T49J0T1-1CA-UA5.36 E71T1-C1AO-CS1 ApplicableFor all position welding of mild steel and 490 MPa high class tensile steel, for CO2


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Product Type Welding wire Wire Diameter(mm) 1.2 Current range, lower(A) 120~300
Current range, vertical position, elevating, upper 120~260/120~260 Shield Gas CO2 Horizontal fillet 120〜300
Tensile Strength(Mpa) 570 Stretch(%) 27 Yield Stress(Mpa) 510
Absorbed energy((0℃)J) 100 Amount Of Content 1 Box (20 kg) Mass(g) 20000

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