Taraud en spirale pour alliage à base de nickel ZEN-B

Taraud en spirale pour alliage à base de nickel ZEN-B
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A type for machining nickel-base alloys, made from a nickel principal component for corrosion and heat resistance that is significantly superior to that of steel.


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Référence piècePrix unitaire standardRemise sur volumeNombre de jours d'expédition?Nominal Pitch, Number of Threading
Overall Length (L)
Class Thread Length
Length under neck
Shank diameter (Ds)
Shank square width (K)
Shank square part length
Shape Surface Treatment Torsional Angle

13.36 €

Disponible 5 jours M30.546P251443.26dOxidation treatment48°

24.77 €

Disponible 7 jours M101.2575P313-75.58e-1Oxidation treatment48°

24.77 €

Disponible 7 jours M101.575P313-75.58e-1Oxidation treatment48°

34.55 €

Disponible 7 jours M121.7582P315-8.56.59e-1Oxidation treatment48°

13.36 €

Disponible 5 jours M40.752P3717547dOxidation treatment48°

13.59 €

Disponible 5 jours M50.860P39225.54.57dOxidation treatment48°

14.49 €

Disponible 5 jours M6162P3112664.57dOxidation treatment48°

19.89 €

Disponible 5 jours M81.2570P312-6.258e-1Oxidation treatment48°

24.91 €

5 jours M101.2575P312-75.58eOxidation treatment48°

24.91 €

Disponible 5 jours M101.575P313-75.58eOxidation treatment48°

34.93 €

Disponible 5 jours M121.7582P315-8.56.59eOxidation treatment48°


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Informations de base

Screw Types Meter Chamfer threads 3P Tool Material Type Powder high-speed steel
work material Low-Carbon Steel (carbon alloy less than 0.25%) / Medium carbon steel (carbon content 0.25 to 0.45%) / High Carbon Steel (C with a content over 0.45%) / Alloy Steel (SCM) / Stainless steel (SUS) / Quenched and tempered steel (25 to 35 HRC) / Steel casting (SC) / Nickel-based alloy (Inconel, etc.) Tap Type Spiral Tap Hole type For blind hole
Coating Y/N NA Number of Grooves 3

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