Household Universal Saw 2 Blades

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14.90 €

6 jours Select from the 2 blades depending on the material.The woodwork type can be used for wood, bamboo, PVC, plastic, raw wood, and cardboard. The metalwork type can be used for aluminum, light metal, and steel.Lightweight with a wooden grip that is comfortable to the touch, and finger grip is good and grinding is easy thanks to the curved handle.As it is a folding type, it is convenient for storage and portability, and as the blade is stowed away when storing, it also has protection for the blade edge.Sharpness is long lasting because the blade is shock hardened.This product is designed for dismantling waste items. For work requiring efficient and neat cutting such as for DIY projects and crafts, use a dedicated saw for the material to be cut.


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Product Type Single blade saw Product Specifications Standard Type Blade Length(mm) ~199
Blade length(mm) 160 Blade thickness(mm) 0.8 Product category Main Body
Blade surface Electroless plating Blade Tip Shock Quenched Application For cutting plastic storage cases, wooden chairs, strollers, raw wood, aluminum pipes, etc.

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