Ensemble d'outils (angle d'insertion : 12,7 mm) TS4100

Ensemble d'outils (angle d'insertion : 12,7 mm) TS4100

· Metal trays are used, making tool insertion and removal easy.
· Resistant to impact, it can be used anywhere.
· A tool set of carefully selected frequently used products.
· The top level of the case is a drawer.
· A tool set mainly used for assembly and maintenance of industrial machines.

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323.79 €

5 jours Made in factory with JIS certification displayed1 Set


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Informations de base

Tool set and tool box only Tool set Tool set type Single opening portable type Case Size (Frontage x Depth x Height)(mm) 395×230×120
Set Content(Point) 36 Insertion Angle(mm) 12.7 Mass(g) 9000
JAN Code 4992676002104 Trusco Code 396-1231 Ordering Unit 1 Set

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