Palier lisse étroit

Palier lisse étroit

Brand-name products provided by MISUMI-VONA are carefully-selected from the products of Asian manufacturers and offered based on customers' needs. Please select the right item for your individual usage environment. FSBEARING is made by a major Chinese manufacturing specializing in bearing related products. Since its founding in 1988, the company has carried out proactive capital investment and research and development, and is currently exporting its products to countries all over the world in areas such as Europe, North America, and Asia, where they are appreciated for their stable quality.

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Référence pièce
Référence piècePrix unitaire standardRemise sur volumeNombre de jours d'expédition?Diam. de l'alésage de l'arbre d
Hauteur de montage H

8.99 €

10 jours 1730.2

7.89 €

4 jours 2030.2

8.65 €

4 jours 2536.5

11.29 €

4 jours 3042.9

13.97 €

10 jours 3547.6

16.66 €

10 jours 4049.2

19.56 €

10 jours 4554.2

25.17 €

10 jours 5057.2


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Informations de base

Unité, type Unité de roulement Unité de roulement, type Type palier lisse Matériau du corps de l'unité Fonte
Forme diam. intérieur du roulement Vis de serrage à alésage cylindrique Type en forme de chapeau, catégorie Largeur étroite Matériau de l'élément de roulement Acier à roulements
Traitement de surface NA

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