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MISUMI Europa GmbH, con sede in Germania é stata fondata come le filiali del gruppo MISUMI Group Inc.

Il gruppo MISUMI Group Inc., fondato nel 1963, é un' azienda competitiva, che supporta l' industria meccanica tramite la vendita per catalogo sia in Giappone sia nel resto del mondo. Il nostro fine é l' offerta di prodotti ad alta qualità, prezzi bassi e tempi di consegna brevi. MISUMI fornisce oggigiorno più di 56700 clienti in tutto il mondo con componenti meccanici per l'automazione industriale e per la costruzione di macchine speciali, così come per lo stampaggio con punzonatura e lo stampaggio ad iniezione. I prodotti MISUMI trovano applicazione in diversi rami dell' industria, ad esempio nell' industria automobilistica, elettrica ed elettronica, dei semiconduttori, della tecnologia medica e dell' imballaggio.

Tutti i 600.000 prodotti vengono sviluppati su richiesta della clientela. Insieme ai propri stabilimenti di produzione in 6 diversi paesi, ci sono sparsi in tutto il mondo oltre 400 partner, ognuno dei quali é specializzato come subfornitore in una linea di produzione. Tramite questa filosofia orientata a soddisfare la clientela, la MISUMI ha potuto incrementare il proprio fatturato annuo di oltre 820 Milioni di Euro.

Per poter servire la clientela europea con prodotti ad alto livello qualitativo e tempi di consegna brevi, la MISUMI Europa ha allestito un deposito centrale nei pressi dell' aeroporto di Francoforte. Dall' Estate 2007 inoltre, è stato inaugurato un proprio stabilimento produttivo in Gdansk (Polonia), allo scopo di ampliare la rete di subfornitori in Europa.

MISUMI Europa é riconosciuta ed apprezzata grazie al suo modello gestionale per sostenere ed affiancare la clientela in diversi rami aziendali, con fiducia, alta qualità, tempi brevi di consegna e prezzi competitivi.


Our mission is to give you a great competitive advantage. The following list of advantages shows why our customers keep coming back year after year:

  • Proven Cost Reduction System

    MISUMI's unique business model offers companies an immediate strategy to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Our approach will help to streamline your business operations across the cycles of design, procurement and assembly. Our model is based on providing you with original and highly configurable components that can be conveniently ordered with low prices, reliable quality and short delivery.

  • No.1 Metric Supplier of Mechanical Components

    We offer over 600,000 metric precision components for assembly automation, press tools and mould tools. Over 40 years experience of working in partnership with customers in the fields of semiconductors, electronic devices, medical devices and the automotive manufacturing industries has given us a clear insight into the needs of design engineers. We work closely with our customers to develop new standard parts every year.

  • Reduce the Cost of Machined Parts

    Our unique approach allows you to order machined parts directly from a catalogue. Simply choose the shape of part you want then specify the critical finishing dimensions, material and surface treatments and we manufacture it for you.

  • No Minimum Order Quantity or Value

    We do not impose any minimum order quantity or value. If you only need one piece, you only pay for one piece (plus delivery).

  • No Drawings Required

    Cut down on unnecessary manufacturing drawings. Using our unique part coding system it is simple to order custom machined parts. Our part coding system allows you to specify the material, tolerances and critical finishing dimensions of custom parts at the time of ordering.Cut down on unnecessary manufacturing drawings. Using the Misumi CAD portal Designers can configure our parts and download 2 & 3D Cad drawings in seconds. Compatible with industry wide CAD packages the Misumi CAD portal is becoming the preferred design hub for designers.

  • Fast, Reliable Delivery

    Our manufacturing for each components are published in our catalogues or viewable online. Most items are shipping within 1-6 days. Express manufacturing and shipping options are also available. With MISUMI you will come to experience the reassurance of reliable and consistent on time deliveries.

  • One Stop Shopping

    Our product range is constantly being updated to try and include all the components you would typically need to build special machinery or tooling. By choosing MISUMI you can significantly reduce the number of suppliers you are dealing with on a daily basis.

  • CAD Data

    Free CAD data is available for all of our products. Simply follow the links on our website for fast, efficient downloading of files.

  • Global Network

    With offices worldwide, including Europe, the United States, Japan and South East Asia we offer a truly global service. If you design in one part of the world and build in another, we are your global partner. Worldwide availability of parts is one of our key strengths.

  • Competitive Prices

    All prices are published in our catalogues and on this website. We work hard at providing you with the best prices possible. Any savings we make are passed on to the customer. One look into our catalogues is proof of these ongoing cost saving efforts, where you will find indications of where prices have been reduced from previous editions of the catalogue, or volume discount tables, showing discounts for quantities as low as just two pieces.

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